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Butterkin Squash – Delightful cross of butternut & pumpkin

Butterkin Squash just before seeding and roasting

Butterkin Squash – ready to roast (400 degrees for 30-40 minutes)

This weekend I made my weekly trip to the farmer’s market. Truth be told, I sometimes visit a couple markets during the week. These trips have become such an anticipated adventure for me. Going to the markets allow me to eat healthier, on a budget…AND support my local small farmers who grow and nurture the foods that are supposed to be life’s medicine.

Have you ever tasted the difference between a fresh, local, organic carrot and a store-bought carrot that has traveled hundreds of miles and could be months old? Once you have done so…and allowed your tastebuds the opportunity to taste the food instead of just the layers of seasoning on top…you will enjoy the true taste of food. This food, whole food, the food that you eat in the form straight from the earth, is FANTABULOUS, and FANTABULOUS for you!

I encourage…NO, I challenge you to visit your local farmer’s market this fall and find one new fruit or veggie to try. This week I picked up a Butterkin squash. The Butterkin is a cross between a butternut squash and pumpkin.  I roasted it and it is the yummiest golden treat. Some of it I season in a savory fashion (pepper, parsley and mixed with chard and mushrooms) and some I tried a sweet treat recipe (maple syrup). I have a new favorite!

Until next time…

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