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The Hummingbird Labyrinth Ready for Relaunch!

Considering life on the other side of divorce can bring thoughts and feelings of uncertainty - especially if you have been married for decades and may be able to say you have been married half of your life or more. Here you had been traveling this road of married life and all it brings. You married life may be seasoned and full with kids, career, family focus, homemaking, and being the best wife you can be.

Now you find yourself staring into the unknown world of singleness - wondering what’s in store for you, how are things going to change, and when will things be normal again...but what is “normal”? You have spent years focused on your spouse, kids, and family, but now you are left figuring out you and an individual.

Now some women standing in the door of divorce TRULY find this transition easy, simple, releasing, and in some cases even joyful. Then there are others who take this journey play acting and trying to convince everyone, who including herself, that “all is good in the neighborhood” and life is nothing but rainbows. The other end of this response spectrum holds those women who find themselves going through severe grief and pain and the marital destruction is debilitating. This does not mean there are only three classifications. In reality there isn’t an all one way or the other. Instead, the responses can be a mixture of many degrees and can change at different times.

Over the past several months I have witnessed a friend travel a divorce journey which was very similar to mine, yet also unique to her. While her initial pain was so intense and crumbling, her journey has truly brought her to healthier living. For this I am SO THANKFUL! She is strong, empowering, courageous, and beautiful (inside & out). The struggle is ABSOLUTELY real, but she has taken this paradigm shift by the horns.

After my own divorce and its initial unimaginable pain I began seeing the light of healing. There are still tough times, but I allow myself to acknowledge them AND THEN choose to put them in their place.

This blog, Hummingbird Labyrinth, is a sharing of my thoughts regarding insight and resources to grow through the experience of divorce into a happier and healthier woman. As I relaunch my blog, website, and business, I am excited to share valuable content for you to navigate your divorce journey and discover healing, wellness, and your fantabulous authentic YOU!

If you are reading this and can describe yourself as a woman navigating your divorce or post-divorce experience, I WELCOME YOU! I encourage you to:

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