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Ruffled Feathers Will Survive


Truth be told, we’ve been turned bottoms up several times over the years, and I’m really not surprised by what is being experienced now. Don’t let yourself be confused! I believe, with every single cell in my body, that things are ALL wrong and something MUST be done to bring peace.

These past weeks for me have been nothing less than disheartening, frustrating, upsetting and EXHAUSTING! Let me make something crystal clear…I am not ok with ANYONE being murdered, assaulted. I am not ok with assassinations of those with brown skin, blue uniforms or rainbow lives! I am not ok with killing for revenge and I’m not ok with profiling and cover ups. I have been angry, sad and scared…and I still am!

As I read through social media comments and listened to dialogue from others, I was disappointed and hurt by some of the comments. Some of the memes were disrespectful, hurtful…and yes, some were EXTREMELY racist. I was faced with the realization that some of these comments were coming from individuals I would call my friends. It was obvious that their feathers were ruffled and had them squawking and shouting in a very negative and hurtful way. My feathers were ruffled because the comments were plain offensive.

My level of exhaustion with everything became so clear to me one morning a couple of weeks back. I woke in a startle after sleeping through several alarms. I was physically worn out. I had missed church…and that crushed me.

I had gone to bed the night before acknowledging that of all times, I NEEDED the fellowship and spiritual study with my beautiful, supportive, empowering and uplifting church family. I needed some renewal…and to be around a group of people who share faith and understanding of the gravity of the situation being experienced by the Black American community.

As I laid there in bed trying to figure out which foot I would set on the floor first and what adjustments were going to need to be made to turn my day around, several things flooded my thoughts…to the point of mental chaos! That was when I realized that I needed some meditation time. I needed to be silent and calm my thoughts so that I could re-order my plans.

Meditation allows the mind to calm and thoughts to become more purposeful. It allows us the opportunity to silence the chatter and bring order to chaos of the mind. When the chaos is put in its place, then we are better prepared to prioritize, stay on track, decipher true priorities, and most importantly, get ourselves aligned with our true path.

When I share about the importance of meditation, so many are quite confused and determined to come up with the excuses as to why it doesn’t or can’t work:

  1. “I can’t quiet my thoughts for very long…or at all.”

  2. “Meditation is just for religious reasons.”

  3. “I don’t need to meditate…I just need to work harder.”

  4. “I’m a Christian. I don’t ‘meditate’ like that ‘Ohm” stuff”

  5. “Don’t you have to have those beads and be into that new age thought…or do yoga?”

  6. “I am too busy — I don’t have time.”

Have you ever said any of those statements…or a version of any of them? If you have, then I encourage you to reconsider — you have been misinformed and are truly blocking your blessings!

If you feel you are too busy or can’t quiet your mind, then YOU NEED MEDITATION! If you think it is or it’s not for religious reasons, then you need to know that meditation is not reserved for religion, in general, or religion at all! Yoga and meditation are siblings and often found on the same playground…but they are not mutually exclusive! You don’t need any specific props to meditate.

So, as I spent time meditating that morning, I quieted my mind, reconnected with my breathing, relaxed my tension, and allowed myself the freedom to acknowledge my thoughts and feelings, release those thoughts and feelings, and then embrace the calm. That act got me back on track and prepared to address my day without panic or necessary mind clutter.

This is not about ignoring situations, circumstances or issues. It is about putting things in their places so that they can be addressed in an orderly and productive fashion. While I still held (and hold) the frustrations and disappointment, and concern regarding the injustices and tragedies, I am now in a better place and space to wisely move forward to actively do my part to make a difference.

Feathers have been ruffled, but with a calmer mind and thoughtful positive action, we all can survive!

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