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Practicing the Fundamentals!

OSU Buckeye Football GameDay during Breast Cancer Awareness Month... I am representing for BOTH!

OSU Buckeye Football GameDay during Breast Cancer Awareness Month I am representing for BOTH!

For those who don’t know, I am a HUGE The Ohio State Buckeyes fan…ESPECIALLY football and basketball. I’m all about anything Buckeyes or scarlet & grey. I have been known to schedule things around when the Buckeyes play.

Jazmyn & I with OSU Buckeyes Running Back Coach, Stan Drayton, at the 2014 OSU Buckeyes Women's Football Clinic

Jazmyn & I with OSU Buckeyes Running Back Coach, Stan Drayton, at the 2014 OSU Buckeyes Women’s Football Clinic

Overall, I am just a HUGE college football fan. I love the game, the passion that these players show for the game, the crowd, the competition, the…well, everything! I raised my kids to be Buckeyes fans and I’m so excited that they know and understand that there just isn’t any other option! (well, there is…but there really isn’t)

During college football season, I can be found at select locations to enjoy the game. Unfortunately the cost of going to the game inhibits me from watching home Buckeyes games from The Shoe…so I generally enjoy them amongst fellow fans in some electrified locations around Columbus, Ohio. However, sometimes it’s actually a benefit because I can also take in a couple of other games! There is nothing like a College Football Gameday!!!

Today as I was watching the OSU v Rutgers game, which we handled 56-17 (#GoBucks), considering that we were coming off a bye week, and wondering how “fancy” our players were going to try to be, I kept talking to the TV saying, “I sure hope you have been Practicing the Fundamentals!” As the game progressed, it was obvious that that was exactly what they had done.

I began to reflect on how important that is in my everyday life (physical fitness, spiritual, food choices, career, relationships, financial). It is so easy to “get fancy” in the components of life that are really best addressed in a very simple and fundamental manner. Consider this:

We are in a quick fix mentality while hoping it’s a long term solution. The reality is that if it is marketed as a “quick”, “easy”, “no real work” type of thing, it’s too good to be true! Think about it, if it were so quick, easy, and no real work type of long term solution, then we wouldn’t have the  obesity/heart disease/diabetes issues that exist. 

Practicing the Fundamentals requires discipline. When we are used to being a little fancy it can be challenging to dial things back a bit to make room for improvements. When we are used to stutter-stepping and juking to avoid life’s tackles, it sometimes feels like “less than” or substandard living to calm down and just put one foot in front of the other. Instead, we should view these times of fundamental practice as opportunities to grow and lay the foundation for greater things.

I encourage you to take opportunities to Practice the Fundamentals in your life. Take the time to simplify in these ways:

  1. Physical Fitness:  If you are a runner/walker, instead of focusing on the latest a greatest piece of gear (I know, I like to do that too), spend some time with basic cross training, run form and hydration.

  2. Spiritual:  Schedule daily time to nurture your spiritual life. Don’t count on this time to all of the sudden “appear” in your day – because it won’t. PLAN to make it happen…at the BEGINNING of your day. Pray, study, meditate, journal…however you do it, do it by yourself and for yourself.

  3. Food Choices: Meals do not need to be fancy! Instead, KEEP THINGS SIMPLE! Try a week of meals and snacks with 5 ingredients or less/meal or snack. Steer clear from processed foods (these have more than 5 ingredients). Your fruits & veggies should be “packaged” as they come out of the earth.

  4. Career:  Take some time to consider your career development goals: are you in a fulfilling position/job/environment? If not, what would it take to move closer to that fulfilling career? Remember, don’t sabotage yourself…you are never too young/old/anything to work towards that work environment that is your passion!

  5. Relationships:  Nurture your relationships with friends, family and spouse. When was the last time you had that date night (just as a couple…not double dating…something quiet)? Court that special person. Family game nights…UNPLUGGED! At this time of the year, a family trip to the area fall festival or pumpkin patch can be just the perfect outing. And how about those friends…meet for tea/coffee/trip to the spa or write an actual letter or card to those at a distance.

  6. Financial:  We are coming to the end of the year. Make sure to review your personal financial status. If you don’t have the funds for a purchased gift giving year…THEN DON”T SPEND! Stop acting a life that you can’t afford to live. Those people you purchase for are not the ones who must answer to your creditors or correct your credit score. Instead, send handwritten cards, invite for a simple home cooked dinner, or spend time with them.

Remember, simplifying life does not mean anything more than that you are choosing to prepare for greater things! You are not “less than” or showing substandard effort. Take the opportunity to Practice the Fundamentals

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