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Phoenix Rising Out Of 106º Fear


When I received the call from my mom on June 14th saying that the surgeon’s office called and the surgery will be in 2 weeks, I’m not gonna lie, I was struck with fear. My mother had a similar surgery 10 years prior…and it was a very rough recovery and experience for all. Knowing the doctor indicated that any further delay for the surgery was not recommended almost confirmed my concern. With a quick message to my close friend, travel agent/travel momma, my flight was booked.

Now here’s the thing, the idea of traveling to 106º+ weather in a location where beachfront was not even a slim possibility, was not appealing. I mean, no sand?…no sounds of crashing waves??…no tree frog symphonies??? This was not anything close to Jamaica.

I have lived many years in the desert southwest, west coast and midwest. I understand the whole “dry heat vs. humid heat” explanation. Friends, I am a 100% Beach Girl – it’s simple as that!

This visit was sure to have a foundation of stress – not necessarily a bad stress, but this was definitely not a relax, rejuvenate, refresh type of vacation. There was work to do, food to cook, waiting rooms to be paced, errands to run, support to be given, and caregiving to be provided. However, life has always taught me that even in work and challenges, beauty and blessings can be found – if we allow them to shine and accept them when they come!

One blessing that I was able to experience was the reconnection with family. I was able to put my eyes on my Dad – which is always better than just a chat on the phone, spend time with Jazmyn and Chad (my daughter and her boyfriend), hang out with Malik and Tanaya (my son and his girlfriend), ad reconnect with Simone (the daughter of one of my dear sister-friends that I refer to as my “other daughter”).


Mom did FABULOUS in surgery and is continuing to recover amazingly well. God Is Good! She had minimal pain and was able to be up, out within just a few days! The relief that all went well allowed me to take a few of steps back, regroup and figure out my own next steps. I was able to spend a bit more time enjoying ALL of my family and the blessings that they are.

Prior to this trip, I was determined to push forward in reaching my business goals and following my God-designed purpose and my unique passion for helping other women successfully navigate their own journey through divorce. In the design for my business I have been building it to allow it to be location independent. In fact, it is an integral component in my Journey2Jamaica.

There have been a few things that had me dragging my feet a bit – one was the fact that I wanted to make sure that I was present for my kids. Malik graduated from college only a few weeks back. Jazmyn is finishing up her coursework as well. Considering the connection that all of us have and the crazy winding 6 year-long trail that week took, I was committed to being completely present and engaged…and available to them.

Now, don’t get it twisted…I am not that hovering mother. I worked hard in the raising of them so that they can be independent, educated, productive, adult members of society. When I sent them each to college, I was confident in them and their abilities. There were no tears shed – not because I didn’t care, but because they were truly doing exactly what I raised them to do! I was excited, prayerful and relieved.

Well, during this visit, one of the greatest things a mother could ask for was confirmed – My kids were just fine and ready for the world! Those adults are making things happen for themselves. I have officially jumped the line that represents I am now the mother of adult children! Both of my children, and on their own, told me privately that they are good. They both said that they are so excited for me and what I am working towards and now it is time for me to turn up the fire!…honestly, I thought that 106º WAS in the fire! Anyway, now it’s MY time!

So, there I was in Phoenix, in 106º dry heat, with the fear regarding my mother’s health relieved, the confirmation that my kids are good and ready for the world and now with the encouragement of my family to make my dreams and goals a reality! I went to Phoenix for one purpose and as I rose from the runway on my Southwest Airline plane, I realized that I had actually received an amazing blessing and experience.

This phoenix is rising out of the ashes and I have spread my wings and am soaring to success!


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