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My Loctician KNOWS!

“Alright, Ms. Gerri, what’s stressin’ you? What’s going on that needs to be handled?” These are the 2 questions I heard from my loctician as I sat myself in her chair and she made her initial pass through my dreadlocks with her fingers. All I could think of was, “Well, I sure can fool her for NOTHING!”Loctician = Someone who is highly skilled and specialized in the care and maintenance of dreadlocks.

I, mistakenly, thought my smile, positive vibes and upbeat attitude would for sure steer her to believe that my life was cruising right along. I’ve gotten compliments on my locs and they’ve looked good in recent pics. While I know she “KNOWS” hair, how did she pick up on the status of my life quicker than it took me to take off my jacket and say hello? My smile and pleasantries don’t fool her…and I am so thankful for that!

Ms. Lydia KNOWS her clients. Ms. Lydia KNOWS the heads of hair she works on. Ms. Lydia KNOWS dreadlocks. Ms. Lydia KNOWS how holistic health & wellness impacts the total package…the total person. Ms. Lydia just plain KNOWS!

My locs need holistic love - can't hide from my loctician!

My locs need holistic love – can’t hide from my loctician!

As I explained the challenges and struggles I faced, it was confirmed (because I really already knew this) that Ms. Lydia was more than just my loctician – she is a friend, confidant, and sister. She and I have shared experiences in losing grandparents, challenges in being mothers, concerns over those we dearly care for, and goals for positively impacting the lives of others. As I think back to that first meeting, she started out just getting to know me so that she could KNOW me holistically – not just as another head of dreadlocks crossing the threshold of her shop.

When we stop considering our bodies as individual body parts and health and wellness as individual components of life, we will then be closer to understanding and positively living a healthier and happier life. We must understand that a healthy heart IS connected to healthy emotions. We must connect that a healthy gut IS connected to calm muscles and joints. We must acknowledge that what we put into our bodies IS connected to how we function. And in my example, I confirm that ALL of the experiences, positive & negative, that I go through DO impact the health of my hair!

The truth of health & wellness can be told through the health of hair!

The truth of health & wellness can be told through the health of hair!

I am so thankful for Ms. Lydia BECAUSE she can not only see through any facade that I may put up to cope with life’s challenges, but also support, renew and encourage me back to my ‘Authentic Me’! An amazing transformation occurs while I sit in that chair…and it is more than the rejuvenation of my locs. The more incredible transformation that occurs is the re-booting of my purpose, re-energizing of my passion and re-focusing on my journey of Discovering Authentic ME!

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