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Let’s Do This 2015 Thang!

Ready to Rock & Roll This 2015 Thang!

Ready to Rock & Roll This 2015 Thang!

Welcome to 2015! 

December 31, 2014 – January 1, 2015 was filled with reflection, excitement and anticipation. As I ushered in the new year with my mom, we celebrated fairly quietly in the living room in the house where I grew up knowing as Grandma and Grandpa’s House. Earlier this year we laid Grandma to rest – almost a year after Grandpa. The memories in this living room are pleasant and plentiful.

After getting a few hours of sleep, IT WAS GAMEDAY!!!! GameDay in my book is an all day event…depending on the specific game (like Ohio State v. TTUN), it could be better defined as GameWeek! As we all know, this GameDay was a FULL GameDay that ended up lasting into January 2nd!!!! WOW, WHAT A GAME!

Y’all, we’ve had an amazing college football bowl season…the Big Ten showed up…and the OSU Buckeyes won the 2015 Sugar Bowl!!!!!! I am still dancin’, cheerin’, and singin’ about THAT win! Now prepping for the 1st College Football National Championship!

Throughout the day I also could feel the anticipation for the upcoming year. I’ve been through a bunch in the past year. Lots of disappointments, loss and frustrations. With the addition of some uncertainty, and bouts of worry (which I try to stave off – ’cause y’all know that worry changes nothing but destroys happiness), I was sure ready for greater things to come!

When I thought a bit more, I also could help to reflect on the wonderful blessings and accomplishments in 2014. The friendships developed…my graduation as a Certified Holistic Health Coach…the family connections re-established…the business endeavors developed and born…the things that have been laid as a foundation for some miraculous & fantabulous things in 2015! With that understanding, my knees hit the ground to thank God for the blessings & and for His grace and mercy. I also prayed for Him to continue to cover me, guide me and make sure that I am completely ready for an amazing 2015 in my family life, business life, spiritual life, friendship life and personal life.

So, with that, y’all, I’m ready!

Let’s Do This Thang!

Oh, and…GO BUCKS!!!!!

OSU Buckeye Football GameDay

OSU Buckeye Football GameDay

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