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Journey2Jamaica — The Return!

One thing about a journey is it can sometimes been of quick moves and rapid changes, and at other times pauses and moments of re-grouping are required. Our journeys, whatever they are, are full of ebbs and flows, ups and downs, hills and valleys. We must look at the over all trends to ensure a positive movement as opposed to only looking at the positives and negative steps.

For me, the past several months I had to pause and step into a time of introspect, reflection, and quiet growth. It has held many opportunities for growth and experiences to allow me for the next season of my journey. I am now return to share with you!

I am so excited about getting back to blogging, recipe making, book writing, sharing, and divorce coaching. However, even more importantly, I am ecstatic that I am ready to turn things up and live my purpose - loud, proud and full of passion. As always, I will always choose to be unapologetically authentic!

You may ask if my Journey2Jamaica is still…’To Jamaica’. The answer is a resounding, YES! It is not only my journey TO Jamaica, it is my journey BECAUSE Jamaica. In fact, my little hiatus confirmed this genuine truth for me.

I will continue to share with you, through this blog, my path to discovering the real and genuine ME and the lessons I have learned that you might find helpful as you navigate your own unique path. We are all different. We all have our own stories and journeys. We are all unique. However, there are similarities that are close enough we can learn from each other and gain knowledge and wisdom to help us navigate our own situations.

To all who have messaged me asking when I would return to blogging and sharing, thank you for encouraging me, letting me know that whatever I was sharing with you was helpful to you, but also giving me time to fill my own tank.

If you are reading this and can describe yourself as a woman navigating your divorce or post-divorce experience, I WELCOME YOU! I encourage you to:

  • Follow Journey2Jamaica: My Path to Discovering Authentic Me, to learn more about my personal journey to discover authentic living.

  • Check out my other blog, Hummingbird Labyrinth, to gain more insight and resources to grow through the experience of divorce into a happier and healthier woman.

For additional resources visit my website, gerriprince.com, where you will find information on my divorce and wellness coaching services, workshops and retreats, and upcoming events.

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