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It’s Got A Hold On Me – Blog Challenge


This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 1 . I am participating in it side-by-side with a beautiful and amazing friend of mine, Kelly Katherine (Check out her Blog at https://kellykatherineyoga.wordpress.com/), who is also partnering with me to facilitate an exciting Jamaican destination retreat for women!

The first day of this challenge is to share and address 3 things that are holding me back from being all I want to be and experiencing my God-designed, unique purpose in its completeness. Whew! That is a challenge in itself because I must have an intentional meet-up with my struggles. I know we all have them, but it is not always easy to confront them.

My biggest challenges are:

  1. Facing My Struggles & Removing Their Power

  2. Balancing Society’s Expectation For My Life vs. My Belief Of My Purpose and Path

  3. Bridging High Passion & Purpose With A Reserved Personality

Facing My Struggles & Removing Their Power — We all have struggles. I am aware, understand and even admit it — but mostly to myself. However, keeping that to myself allows those struggles to remain a powerful barrier to success, blessings and authenticity. I have fellow masterminds, supportive tribes and authentic friends, like Kelly Katherine, to help center myself and admit my struggles…safely.

Balancing Society’s Expectation For My Life vs.My Belief Of My Purpose and Path — My passion is strong and my life’s purpose in clear. The battle is to avoid the distraction of what I call “The Naysayer’s Tradition.” Daily I recite in my affirmations that I resist the words of the naysayers to attempt to steer me from my purpose because of their personal fears and failures.

Bridging High Passion & Purpose With A Reserved Personality — As I have mentioned before, I am fully embraced in my passion and crystal clear on my God-designed purpose. Because the authentic me and my purpose and passion are not the common and traditional ways of society, there are times I become reserved in my approach to share with others. But here is the thing…if I don’t freely share what I do, then I will not get what I want. I have been challenging myself to overcome this reservation and network, network, network…WITH INTENTION!

So what is holding you back in your life, job, family, passion or purpose? Name it…Accept it…Admit it…then allow the power of those struggles to fall away and embrace authentic living!

This is part of my Journey2Jamaica that I share with you as encouragement and support. I hope you find it helpful and share with others who might find it helpful too.

One Love,


If you are reading this and can describe yourself as a woman navigating your divorce or post-divorce experience, I WELCOME YOU! I encourage you to:

  1. Follow Journey2Jamaica: My Path to Discovering Authentic Me, to learn more about my personal journey to discover authentic living,

  2. Check out my other blog, Hummingbird Labyrinth, to gain more insight and resources to grow through the experience of divorce into a happier and healthier woman,

  3. Scoot on over to see my additional resources on my website, GerriPrince.com, where you will find information on my health and wellness coaching services and woman-focused retreats.

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