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I’ve Been Changed!

Fall Changes at the Worthington, Ohio Farmer's Market

Fall Changes at the Worthington, Ohio Farmer’s Market

“Ooohhh yeah, I’ve been changed…”

One of my favorite gospel artists, Marvin Sapp begins his song, “Changed”. As I walked up to the farmers market this past weekend, and took in the sights of the fall season, I couldn’t help but to reflect on the words in this song. You see, I graduated from high school over 27 years ago from this same city. I left a couple of months after graduation and it took over 25 years before I returned…even for a visit!

In 1984-1985, this was the 9th grade campus... Now its a middle school!

In 1984-1985, this was the 9th grade campus… Now its a middle school!

The changes in Worthington, Ohio are very noticeable to me…as are the changes in my life that have occurred during the same timespan! Now, I know that everyone can probably say the same thing in their own life. For me, it is exciting because I am able to reflect on these changes and truly see that even through the unexpected, sometimes harsh life transitions and experiences, I have come so far!

In Marvin Sapp’s song, he continues with,

“…Changed the walk the way I’m used to walkin’

Changed the talk the way I’m used to talkin’

Change is what He did for me

He arranged my life and gave me a new song.”

From health to wellness, financial situations, family, love, career plans, and every other part of my life, I am in a different situation than I ever could have imagined. I’ve been given the blessing of growing through it all and the opportunity to celebrate the journey. Oh, there have been tears shed and feelings of frustration and even anger along the way. I have gone through times of asking, “Why Me?” and reflecting on the consideration of “God must definitely see more in me than I see in myself. While I know he wouldn’t give me situations I can’t get through (with Him), I am at a loss as to what to do.”

It has been through it all where I have learned and acted on the understanding that I must address the things I can control, pray over those things, and then, just let go and let God. I spent years worrying and fretting…crying and angry. Then I got to the point of realizing that my lack of health, loss of wellness, and complete unbalance was killing me slowly (and more rapidly at some points).

Change is not always a negative. How we deal with change has the power to determine if its positive or negative. As a whole, I can truly say that I am happier and healthier than I have been in decades – and it continues to get better. I have learned to embrace change for what it is…an opportunity to learn, grow, love the journey and prepare for what lies ahead!

God HAS truly arranged my life and given me a new song! – How FANTABULOUSLY cool is that?!?!

Until next time…

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