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Getting In Some Swingtime!


Do you remember when you were little and as soon as you got to the park or the playground at school, you would run straight to the swings? Or as a parent you would build anticipation for the late morning or evening adventure to the park “field trip”…with the promise of a stop at the swing-set?

Fussy babies calm in their swings. Young children get excited about a simple swing. Teens even love to hang out with their friends on the larger swings. Adults love relaxing on the swing — alone, with a friend, or with that special someone.

Are you one who has fond memories of that porch swing at grandma’s or your favorite auntie’s house where you would sit while sipping your favorite Kool-aid, iced tea or adult beverage? See, the memories surrounding swings often bring fond, comfortable memories…unless you are one who fell off one!

So what IS the magic about a swing? The swing represents relaxation, freedom and mimics flight. Even in my adult years, I enjoy hanging out and doing some thinking time while sitting on swings. And there is NO BETTER PLACE to have that one-on-one, catching up chat with your sister-friend…while swinging one a well-placed swing with a great calming view.

The rhythm, to an fro, while you are in a thinking zone mode, creates a perfect meditative pattern. It is like breathing. When I do yoga I tune into the pattern of my breathing. When I am on the swing, I can use that motion to rock me into deep thought…or enjoying the peace of not thinking about anything at all.


One of my favorite places and spaces to be is the downtown Riverfront. I go there to think, meditate, and sometimes write. The designer of this space was a genius! The design includes several swings — you know, like the porch swings. There are benches and swings that border a walkway with fountains and overlook the river. They are in the perfect position to enjoy some beautiful sunsets. 

The past couple of weeks while out on some planned Ladies Night dinners, I had two of my sister-friends, on different nights, ask, “Hey, we are having such a great conversation! You want to go sit on the swings by the river”? There are many reasons why I get along so well with these ladies and the fact that we can be excited and enjoy the swings is the icing on the cake!

It is amazing to me how something so simple, like a swing, can connect people. On both of those occasions we sat for hours, shared laughs, confided in each other things that were heavy on our hearts…then confidently “solved all of the world’s issues.” (At least we made a valiant effort to do so.)

This time was priceless. This time was important to personal growth. This time was amazing and the perfect gift to self.

We all need what I call, “Swingtime.” This is time that is self-nurturing — whether it is alone or sharing with a confidant. And while the swing is not mandatory, it is ABSOLUTELY suggested! Swingtime is more about the time and the content within…however, trust me, unless you have vertigo, the swing definitely can be an integral component in the quality of the experience.

In a subsequent conversation with one of those ladies, we decided that a regularly scheduled ladies night must continue. The meeting place will be the swings! It is definitely THE PLACE TO MEET.

Now, when are you planning your next SWINGTIME?

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